If your offerings include more than rental products, such as guided tours or ski school classes, there's a few tricks you need to know in order to get selling.

The first step to pay attention to when creating a group product, is to select the product type to be a "rental product" instead of a "service". The inventory settings of a rental product come in handy also for a group activity or a course.

setting group activities and courses

From the pricing tab you can control the duration and the price of your group activity. The product can have either a fixed price or a pricing defined by the rental duration (e.g. 3 hours, 1 day, 3 days, etc.).

setting price and duration

The inventory management settings are useful for defining the maximum number of attendees for each activity or course. When setting up the inventory make sure to choose “bulk” instead of “individual”, as in this case you don’t need to track any individual items – you’ll just define the number of spots available in your class. When setting up group activities or courses, there is no need to do any changes in the variant tab.

setting inventory type

In this example, the max amount of children per class is defined at 8, which will affect the shopping cart view as follows:

setting inventory
cart view of group activities and courses

From the settings tab you get to define additional products that will be upsold along the activity (e.g. a ski set when buying a children's ski school class), and the type of information you need your customers to fill in as they enroll to your class.

additional product recommendation for group activity and course product

product recommendation for group activity and course
customer information asked when registering for group activity or course

Lastly, in the settings you can define the schedule of your group activity or course. You can either specify an interval between the start times, if your class is held everyday according to your shop opening hours, or you can choose your class to have fixed start times. This means you can choose diverse start times for different days of the week, or define single dates when your class or activity is held. In this example, the beginner's ski course is only available on Mondays, starting at 12.

setting start times for group product
calendar view of group activities and courses

Once you've gone through setting up your first group activity or class, it's time to go live! Be bold, try it out and let us know how it went – we are eager to support you in growing your business and listen to all feedback.

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