Sometimes shops need to block the availability of a certain equipment in some of the sales channels. For example, one might not want to take online bookings for an equipment that has very limited stock availability.

Hiding equipment from sales views

Limiting availabilities based on the sales channel can be done in the product settings. Go to the Products page from the main navigation and then choose the product which availability you want to limit.

In the following example, a bike shop wants to limit the availability of an e-bike on for walk-in customers and hide it from their online shop. In the product settings, check the Hide product from some sales views, and then choose the sales views wherefrom you want to hide the product.

Limiting online availability

If you don't want to completely hide the product and only limit the online availability, click the Online settings tab. You are able to define how much earlier you want to receive online bookings, and how many percent of the total amount of inventory you want to offer to online customers. This way you ensure that there are bikes left for both online and walk-in customers.

Availability based on customer segment 

If you want to offer certain equipment only for certain customer segments, you can define the segments in the product settings.

For example, one might want to offer certain equipment only for adults or vice versa - only for children.

Limiting availabilities based on the scenarios described above, can make managing rentals easier.

Updated 22.4.2020

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