When adding hundreds of items to the inventory a CSV import is a good alternative for the basic way of adding products with the built-in tool.

Building your inventory is one of the most important tasks when starting to use Rentle. This article explains, how to create inventories and what to take into account when using CSV import.

NOTE: Only individual equipment have their own inventories. Set products/Bundled equipment packages do not have their own inventories as the availability of sets depends on the availability of individual equipment included in the set.

First, go to the Product page from the main navigation and select the individual equipment which inventory you want to edit. Then select the Inventory management tab.

Before starting to add items into the inventory, make sure that you have the product variants created (e.g. different sizes of the equipment). Product variants are explained here.

Preparing your file

The preparation of the file is simple.

  • Use Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets, or any similar spreadsheet software.

  • Write the information that you want to store in the inventory to the first row of the spreadsheet. The first column should always include the product IDs, as shown in the example. The other collected information in the image below are examples used in this demonstration. As a shop, you're free to choose what information you want store about your equipment.

  • Fill out the information and save the spreadsheet as a CSV file on your computer

Importing the file to Rentle

  • At the bottom of the equipment's inventory management page, you'll see button Upload from .CSV file. Click the button and a similar view should open as shown in the image below.

  • At this point, you define what product variants you are currently adding and specify the inventory location.

  • Next, click the Upload .CSV -button and choose the file from your computer. The system recognizes the columns as you have written them in the spreadsheet and uses the first column to create the product IDs. See the image below.

  • Once you click the Add to inventory -button, Rentle creates the columns automatically and adds the products, with the information that is included in the spreadsheet, to the inventory. See the image below.

Be accurate and pay attention to the spelling when creating the spreadsheets. With carefully prepared CSV files the import is a simple way to add multiple items to the inventory fast. 🚀

Updated 5.5.2020

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