• Automatic DIN calculation + updated manual DIN calculation setting
  • Active rentals listens the barcode scanner (opens rentals automatically based on the ID of scanned products)
  • Rental view listens the barcode scanner (possible to add products by just scanning the ID)
  • Performance boost for inventory view when there is 200+ items
  • New updated rental card UI with product counts and product types
  • Asking segment moved to be also a category-level setting (not only entire shop level). So rental shops can choose to ask segment only in for example ski category
  • Option to follow payments manually (marking order as paid, cancelling manual payments etc.) Shops can also print current payment state of order, if follow payments is enabled in shop settings.
  • Multiple UX issues fixed
  • Online availability fetching 10x faster
  • Customisable branding support to all end-user views (colors and buttons)

Read more: https://blog.rentle.io/en/customisable-branding-and-other-product-development-news

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