Every Rentle account comes with an in-store check-in and online store modules. They work with any device that has an access to internet.

In-store check-in kiosk
The purpose of the in-store check-in is to collect your customers information. You can imagine it as the substitute for the paper form and pen. 

The user interface is designed for a tablet but it works also with a computer or smartphone. Hence, during the busier days when a queue starts to form behind the tablets, you can direct your customers to use their own smartphones for instance with by writing the URL somewhere visible near the tablets.

To edit the URLs of your sales channels go to Store settings and select the channels tab.

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Online store
Rentle's online store is a webpage with a unique URL linked to your Rentle account. Therefore, starting to rent online with Rentle doesn't require any coding skills. Just add the unique URL visible on your website, start driving traffic, and see your reservation calendar filling up.

You'll find your unique online store URL from the Store settings under the channels tab. Here you can also edit the URL and customise the styles of your online store.

Rentle's online store is fully responsive, so your customers will receive an optimal experience no matter what device they're using.

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