Quick rentals can be used, when customers arrive to your shop without a reservation. Here's how it works:

  1. Start by choosing New rental from the main navigation and make sure that you have Rent now tab chosen.

  2. Add people to the rental from the right side of the page

  3. Select the right person and choose the products for each person

  4. Change the duration of the rental accordingly

  5. Double check that everything is correct and press continue.

6. Select the responsible person, and fill in the necessary contact information. Press continue.

7. Fill in the product codes manually or use a bar code scanner, which ever you prefer. If you want to add additional notes, write them down. To start the rental, press Start.

8. To finish the rental and mark the products returned, choose Rentals from the main navigation and select Active tab. From the bottom right corner press Return. The rental is now returned and will be found under the Completed tab of the Rentals section.

Simple and effective. Quick rentals are a nice way to serve walk-in customers, who want to rent and get into the activity fast.

Renting out with a rental link

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