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Before you can start renting out products, you have to set the prices.

To set the prices, go to the Main navigation and select Products. Choose the product, which price you want to edit. Then select the Pricing tab and your view should look like this:

As you can see, the pricing table is empty by default. Next, let's create a pricing table. If you have several products that follow the same pricing logic, you can use the same table with the other products as well.

  1. Fill in the base price. This should be the price for the shortest possible time period that people can rent the product. In the example below, we have used 20€ for one hour rental.
  2. Once you have created Pricing tables, you can select them under the section Choose pricing table.
  3. The creation of a new Pricing table starts by clicking New pricing item button. Pricing items define the time periods your customers can rent products. You can make as many Pricing items as you want and combine different time frames. In the example, I have created five Pricing items, all using one hour time period.
  4. Once you have created all the Pricing items you need, name your Pricing table and press save.

If you have different prices for different customer segments (e.g. kids), you can create a sub Pricing table. Under the actual Pricing table is a drop-down menu where you can choose the segment(s) you want. You can add multiple segments into one sub Pricing table.

You can change only the base price and the Multiplier calculates the prices for every Pricing item or you can completely redefine the Pricing table.

And that's how you create Pricing tables. Remember to save your progress and start renting! 🙌

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