Duration: 5 minutes

So you have successfully created a new rental product. Good job! 🙌

Next, fill in the Basic information for your rental product.

  1. Name, Product type, and Product category are pre-filled, so the first step is to add a picture for the product. You can either upload one from your computer or copy image url from web.
  2. Select the correct VAT level.
  3. Switch the three toggles accordingly: First, choose if the product is an add-on that you can not rent separately. Second toggle is usually meant for the add-on type of products (e.g. chocolate bars, ski passes, etc.) to be highlighted for the customers after the actual rental products have been selected. The third toggle hides the product from customers.

Information collected before the rental

If you have set the Inventory type of the product to individual, the Product code toggle is switched on automatically. Below you can choose, what other information you want to collect? (E.g. DIN-value for ski rentals)

Product description & Additional details

Product description: Free form description of the product. It'll be shown for the customers in the web store and self service flow. (E.g. more specific product details or usage guidelines)

Additional details: More technical details of the product, such as fuel tank size, capacity, etc.

Show only to specific customer segments

Choose the customer segment based on age: adults, teens, kids, or seniors.

Information asked from the user

Choose if you have to ask height, weight, or shoe size from the customer.

Additional products

Additional products are products that are naturally rented together with the main product. (E.g. Helmet with a bicycle, leash with a surfboard, boots with snowboard, etc.) 

NOTE: you must create the additional products before you can select them.

At the bottom of the page you can delete the product.

Don't worry, with many products some of the steps can be skipped. However, better to be prepared even for the uncommon needs. ☔️

Setting prices for products

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